Those are the facts

Pubblicato martedì 16 Novembre 2010 alle 05:44 da Francesco

As fall draws to a close, I look forward for my next travel. There’s nothing better for me than melting myself with different habits. My country is going through political changes but I don’t expect swift improvements and there’s no need at all to be a foreseer to deal with this kind of forecast. As usual, bad news, icy winds and shortage of daylight don’t affect my mood. I’m at ease with my selfishness as long as it doesn’t harm anyone but for a good reason I might quit it. Maybe my life lacks of ambitions but that’s the way I am and I fully understand  those who act in a different way. For instance, my grandmother is dying and I barely care about her but I don’t feel guilty. Blood ties mean nothing to me. As often as possible I try to be honest with other people because lies feed problems and I want to prevent issues from occurring. Thus, I’m a bit harsh and I sometimes even like this behavior (yes, I admit it) but that’s the most effective way to be clear. Anyway, I love myself without hating anyone and I’m proud of it.
Rage is one of my greatest resources and I collect it in its raw form to convert it in force of will. Perhaps I could use my energy to achieve bigger goals or to fulfill new desires but such efforts would require motivations that don’t belong to me. It’s funny that I’m approaching my thirties and I feel younger than ever. As I age, things get easier but obviously everything can fall apart. I live in a time that once was a fearful future and I’m comfortable with it.

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